Criminals apprehended due to vigilance

Shebna Mokone and At Pieterse with the recovered motorbike.

NELSPRUIT- Four suspects were arrested over the weekend in five separate crime incidents.

On Friday in Delta Street, Bossies Community Justice (BCJ) and Hi-Tech Security had both responded to an armed robbery. Meiring said at about 22:00, two men armed with a 9mm entered a house and held a man hostage. They tied him up and demanded his laptop. The man told them his wife had it. The attackers then pushed him over which subsequently made his cellphone dial the last number on the call log. This alerted a neighbour to the attack. “The neighbours then got together and responded, so the two suspects fled the scene on foot.” He said the owner was found on the stoep in the rear of the house tied up and covered with a towel.

Also on Friday, a motorbike that was stolen last Monday was retrieved by Hi-Tech on Friday. The security company reported that a source had given it information that there was a bike hidden in the wetland area near Rob Ferreira Hospital. Security recovered the bike.

BCJ’s Mr Jacques Meiring said they had arrested a male on Sunday who had apparently assaulted his wife in the Claremont area. He said a charge of possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition was opened against the man too. Meiring said they found a rifle inside a vehicle parked in the garage. “The wife laid a charge of assault against him.”

Another case was that of Hi-Tech Guards and BCJ where a man was arrested after he was alleged to have stolen money and belongings out of a motor vehicle at Westend filling station. The guards caught the man after he fled on foot.

Two suspects were caught red-handed attempting to rob a house by a vigilant neighbour. On Monday Mr Robbie Green heard glass breaking at his neighbour’s home in Besembos Street at about 11:00.

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“I went to investigate what was going on as my neighbour was in hospital. Then I saw two men trying to get out of the house.”

He said he went quickly back to his home and phoned Hi-Tech Security for backup. “I hid so they couldn’t see me then I surprised them and ordered them to put their hands behind their back and keep down.”

He said the suspects complied and backup arrived with the security company and the police. Nelspruit Post observed that the men had entered the house by breaking a window and had tried to exit it with keys that had been found on the premises.

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